FAMOUS STORIES in Buddha’s Time พระนางมัลลิกาเทวี Queen Malika: From Commoner to Queen

เรยี บเรยี ง ประภาพร ขาวทอง The story of Cinderella never ceases to intrigue us: a young woman with humble beginnings who won the prince’s heart and became his queen. So, when the fairytale becomes a […]

Seeing Things As They Are ตามแต่เหตุ เรยี บเรยี ง สขุ สถติ ย์ มสี ขุ

Have you ever asked a question, “Why was I born this way?”, “Why do other people have everything and I don’t?” or “Why don’t they do this?” “Why is it so disappointing?” Let’s take a […]


A terrace in Buddhist architecture refers to a walkway with a rooftop and built around the principle Buddha image in a temple with a quadrangle layout. It can be called “Cloister” or “Gallery”. Normally, there […]

JAIPUR INDIA’S PINK CITY IN THE DESERT ชัยปุระ นครสีชมพูแห่งอินเดีย

Jaipur is the third most-visited city in India, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawi Jai Singh II, the ruler of the kingdom of Amber (later called Jaipur), the […]

Reforestation program launched to mark royal coronation รวมใจไทย ปลูกต้นไม้ เพื่อแผ่นดิน

The Royal Forest Department launched a reforestation project on June 22 to mark the royal coronation of King Rama X with an aim to plant 10 million trees countrywide. Interested parties can register on the […]

KBO organizes Climate Change Seminar

KBO Earth, a new unit under Knowing Buddha Foundation, on June 15 launched seminar “A Way Out of Climate Change: The Unspoken Truth.” which was presided by Deputy Permanent-Secretary of Digital Economy and Society Minister […]

Respect is Common Sense

Dhamma and lifestyle are the same thing. The 5000s magazine is produced to show the world that spiritual life is not parallel to everyday life. The more you live by the code of morals, the […]


NO NEWS NO SHOES For experienced travelers, Thai people’s hospitality always ranks as the world’s top. Imagine what it is like to experience the top-notch level of hospitality and service here in Thailand, you have […]