5000s Magazine Issue 32

“Distorted Buddhist Art” “พุทธศิลป์ที่ผิดเพี้ยน” (โปรดอ่านภาษาไทยด้านล่าง)

9 ways to Respect Buddha's Image Respect is Common Sense



THE LAST JOURNEY ไปให้สุดทาง

Over the last few months, I felt easily irritable. I talked to them in harsh tone if I was unhappy with something. My family told me that I was not nice to waiters lately even […]

The King who was Saved by His Own Virtues – A Story from the Buddha’s Era สังวรชาดก

In the ancient kingdom of Varanasi, the king had 100 sons and told his counsellors that they could select any one of them to succeed him when he passed away. When the king died, his […]

The Power of Chanting อาจารย์อัจฉราวดี วงศ์สกล Vipassana Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon พลังจาก การสวดมนต์

An insensitive, inconsiderate, and violence-prone mind is not found in a good person. If you find yourself feeling too lazy to meditate, what to do? Chanting a prayer is a good start. In Buddhist prayers, […]

The Truth about Suffering เหน็ ทกุ ข์ จงึ เหน็ ธรรม

เรอ่ื ง ธนชั พงศ์ เมธปี ยิ ะวฒั น์ Once I made a business trip in a town nearby the sea in southern Thailand and was accompanied by my wife and little son. As we were […]

FAMOUS STORIES in Buddha’s Time พระนางมัลลิกาเทวี Queen Malika: From Commoner to Queen

เรยี บเรยี ง ประภาพร ขาวทอง The story of Cinderella never ceases to intrigue us: a young woman with humble beginnings who won the prince’s heart and became his queen. So, when the fairytale becomes a […]