The path to Liberation

How could you reach the first stage of enlightenment,

The Truth about Suffering เหน็ ทกุ ข์ จงึ เหน็ ธรรม

เรอ่ื ง ธนชั พงศ์ เมธปี ยิ ะวฒั น์ Once I made a business trip in a town nearby the sea in southern Thailand and was accompanied by my wife and little son. As we were […]

Respect is Common Sense

Dhamma and lifestyle are the same thing. The 5000s magazine is produced to show the world that spiritual life is not parallel to everyday life. The more you live by the code of morals, the […]

Top Ideas in Buddhism – Full Book and Audio version

With my utmost humble respect to Lord Buddha. I’m hundred percent Thai Buddhist. I’ve taught Dhamma for 11 years. When my Vipassana meditation teaching has spread out to over hundred thousands of people who read […]

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